Delhi based sportsman and lawyer who is inclined towards fashion, fitness and travel

Rahul Kaushik
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Sachin Mann

New Delhi: Coming from a sportsman family Sachin was blessed with good height and physique so naturally, Sachin was inclined towards fitness which made him do judo and wins many national and international medals. He was 7 times continuous national champion in judo and secured silver and bronze medal in ASIAN CHAMPIONSHIP.

Sahin says, my father, runs a law firm. He is also a former international sportsman in wrestling. My father always pushed me to have a good fitness score while maintaining my academic grades which made me a lawyer.

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Sachin Mann is a travel junkie who believes in exploring but as we were all house arrested in this pandemic and all combat sports competitions postponed to next year, out of boredom he got more inclined towards social media and because of his educated knowledge of fashion and lifestyle. He started creating fashion and lifestyle content for the viewers.

Sachin Mann

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As Sachin started creating lifestyle content his social media started growing where many commercial brands started approaching him for social media advertising. So finally his mantra of not waiting for the opportunity rather creating one applied. Hence he started engrossing himself in different apps, paid promotions, and social media advertising.

Sachin’s fashion mantra is to look fashionable while being comfortable at the same time. His advice to the youth is not to follow fashion trends blindly but to wear whatever suits you and keeps you comfortable while looking fashionable and confident.

His interest in law and in sports will remain the same and soon Sachin Mann will be getting back on the judo mat and professional fights.

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