Fashion Blogger Ria Kriplani says, stop comparing ourselves

Rahul Kaushik
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Ria Kriplani

Ria Kriplani from Nagpur currently studying mass media in Mumbai and also she is a fashion blogger and also influences people to be more body positive.

So basically she always had followers but not this much but suddenly Ria started getting messages from girls that we love the way you carry yourself and because of you we get confidence so that’s why she started her page and brands started collaborating with Ria and she was getting a great response so here she still running her page and influencing people to love their body no matter what size and shape it is.

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Ria Kriplani
Ria Kriplani

It’s been almost a year now and it’s not as easy as she thought you always have to come up with some new ideas and new content everyday single day and yes consistency is the key and you have got to have a hard skin coz with all the love that she gets from her followers there’s also a lot of criticism and one shouldn’t get affected by all the hatred you get because people always have something or the other to say but you should always look at the brighter side and see all the love that you get and simply ignore the people giving hate to you and yeah that’s Ria Kriplani mantra.

She never thought She’ll get this much response from people but social media has given Ria a lot of confidence and now She just wants to break certain fashion stereotypes that this sort of dress is only suitable for a zero size and not for someone who is plus size because that is so not true. she can wear anything and slay it all you need is confidence and that’s what a lot of girls like she lack because society has portrayed an image of a perfect figure and if you don’t look like that you are not beautiful and what we need to realize is beauty cannot be defined, it is what you see it as.

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Ria Says, We need to stop comparing ourselves and embrace and love the things that make us different. Ria also says, ‘You have so much love to give to others, why not start giving it to yourself a little’.

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