Art keeps spark within me alive: Nisarga Ramchand

Rahul Kaushik
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Nisarga Ramchand

Nisarga Ramchand studying final year B.E Biotechnology, in Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering from Bengaluru, Karnataka.

Nisarga mentioned that art was her passion that provides her soul happiness and peace. There is always something that enlightens the spark within us, and for her, it was her love for painting. She loved it since her school days. She mentioned that “Art was one creative activity which I enjoyed since childhood, I loved sketching during my school days.

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But in our country it yet difficult for our parents to understand our passion and to let us opt for them as our career choices. But even after getting no due attention from her parents, she continued doing and learning further all by herself. Needless to say, this step-wise practicing did help her to improve further. When she was in the third semester, she made her first-ever painting that was of Radha Krishna which was gifted to her mother.

For an artist, there is always a space to improve. Nisarga wanted to achieve perfection. For her painting is all about patience and perfection.

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Nisarga Ramchand
Nisarga Ramchand

Though she never thought that she can turn her passion into a career, yet she was pleased as it had shown her the value of time by being patient, the happiness of completion, the beauty of colors, the best definition of creativity, inventing by mixing color, learning by mistakes, peace of mind, best results when practiced and brought contentment in her life.

Is it easy to be an artist? No, it’s never. As it requires a lot of time and a part of ourselves. Even though she used to take out time for this. She always followed artists all over the world and love to see the artworks they inspire her. Every painting has a story to tell.

From there she got the idea of canvas paintings. Starting from practicing on a small canvas and then moving to the big one now she has mastered the art.

Wall painting caught her attention. And she started to do wall paintings. She started with the wall of her house itself. The subjects were a mother elephant and her calf. Later she painted the wall outside of her house. She did 5 wall paintings. People saw that and appreciated it a lot. Even this all even caught the eye of her parents. They started supporting her financially.

Nisarga states that “Art has made me breathe with a different kind of happiness, it has become my strength and pure type of pleasure. I even started earning by making portrait painting and sketches, more than the money that customer pays it’s about the satisfactory smile that they had on their face. As it’s not just always about the money but about keeping that spark within us alive. And so on my colorful journey goes with determination towards my goal.

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