Meet Sunando Chakraborty, A Fitness Freak Who Aims to Make India a Healthy

Rashika Sharma
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Sunando Chakraborty, Fitness Freak

New Delhi: Sunando Chakraborty provides men and women’s health and fitness workouts and diet plans with proper nutrition focused on physical fitness. He is focused on the future health benefits for those suffering from obesity, weight gain, heart disease, diabetes, cholesterol problems, high blood pressure, cancer problems, and many more.

On Instagram and YouTube, he manages two fitness channels. He has a goal to make India a healthy and fit country. He has completed his government certification from Mission India Fitness Institute as a fitness trainer, nutrition specialist, supplement specialist, and CPR/AED coach.

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Sunando has also received a government of India certification in yoga from the Yoga Certification Board and has also received certification from the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, the National Health Mission, and Health and Family Welfare.

He has received the title of national athlete appreciation from national sports and physical fitness. He has also performed and played in mixed martial arts, for which he received a bronze and the title of “Best Fighter” for his debut match.

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Sunando Chakraborty has represented his state as well as the nation at large, completed his graduation, and started a new journey of MBA in real estate and urban infrastructure. He believes that his passion has been in his genes and blood since childhood and that his 6’1″ height and good physique will stay with him until the last breath. He is also a 2021 student athlete and a 2022 fitness icon.


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