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Salman Khan on Bigg Boss set

In the recent episode of big boss 14, during the nomination task, Nikki Tamboli hide a mask in his pants, on which people trolled him badly and also heard a lot of intrigue. Even many celebrities spoke of Nikki as shameful to this act. ‘The weekend’ of ‘Bigg boss’ on the 8th of November now puts Salman Nikki a strong class from Tamboli and performs his duty with a mask on his pants.

Salman said to Nikki – you having ashamed in speaking, did not do it?

In the promo of the upcoming episode, Salman Khan tells Nikki, ‘Nikki where did you put the mask? If Nikki remains silent on this, Salman says, ‘you are having trouble speaking, there is no trouble in doing it. This is very shocking. What if Rahul do this? How much you want to fall is it in your hand. This is a very shameful act.

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Salman had not spared any virtuous and John Kumar

He also lamented the sanctity after he not only scrambled with him in a fight with Ejaz Khan but also abused profanity. When Salman says sorry, he gets even angrier and says that he will talk again and again and continue to do the same thing?

Earlier Salman was also seen taking Jan Kumar Sanu’s class and said that now he has become a bad guy from Sweet Boy. On the whole, the upcoming ‘weekend’ blows are going to be exciting and Salman is not in the mood to forgive anyone.

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Naina Singh becomes homeless! Kavita Kaushik’s second entry

Talking about aviation, it has been reported that Naina Singh is homeless from the big boss’s house this week. Right there, Kavita Kaushik became homeless last week, but now he has entered the house of Bigg boss again. These celebrities were – Vindu Dara Singh, Surbhi Chandana, Kamya Punjabi, and Aarti Singh.

Aly Goni had made a wild card entry in ‘Bigg Boss 14’ a few days ago and since entry, he was being kept away from all the family members in a room made of glass. Through the landline kept in the same room, he talks to all the families and also watches the task on TV.

Something happened in the upcoming episode of BB that forced Aly Goni to lose his temper. Angry Aly Goni even threatened to sabotage the house of the big boss and told him that he would no longer eat or even take a mike. Despite the persuasion of the family, Aly Goni listens to nobody and says, ‘whatever uproot is to be removed, remove from the show’.

Farah Khan and journalists will grill contestants

All the contestants will be grilled in ‘BB ki Adalat’ in the upcoming episode. Apart from choreographer and director Farah khan, two journalists will ask tough questions to family and grill them. Bigg Boss warns all the families that it is going to be very difficult.

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