US election results 2020 fight between Donald Trump and Joe Biden

Rahul Kaushik
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After heavy voting in America, now the votes are being counted. Talking about the initial counting, Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden is looking to gain an edge over Republican Party candidate Donald Trump. President Donald Trump said that he was winning the election and if he had said it clearly, he would have won. He said that now he will go to the Supreme Court to ensure integrity.

Joe Biden has won in New York and New Jersey. Biden has received 2.2 million votes in New York, while Trump has just 12 million. Trump has won in Florida and leads in Texas and Ohio. Trump has either won 213 seats or is leading, while Biden is on 238 seats. A majority requires a magical figure of 270.

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Magic figure of 270 seats for a majority

In the US, the total number of voters is 538 and the figure of 270 is required for a majority. That is, Donald Trump and Joe Biden must cross the magic figure of 270 to become president.

Trump wins in Florida

During the counting of votes in Florida, there was a tough fight between Trump and Biden. There are 29 electoral votes here and it was very important for both of them to win this state. It is believed that Florida election results will once again play a crucial role in the election of the President in America. In 2016, trump won from here only one percent of votes. Voting has ended in Ohio, Georgia, and North Carolina and there are chances of a tough contest.

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Biden win in Georgia

Win case that Joe Biden takes an edge in Georgia state. 4 points ahead of Trump in Biden Counting. Georgia has 16 electoral votes. Trump won from here in 2016. 

How is the decision to win or lose? 

In America, every state has the right to some definite electoral votes based on an electoral college, i. e. its population. His total number is 538 and the winning candidate will have to win by 270 or more votes. In America, the candidate who gets more votes should win, it is not decided.

Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Mike Pence decide the future

Biden and Harris Wilmington are addressing the nation from Delaware. While Trump is watching election results from the White House, he has selectively guests to the White House. Security of the White House and other important sites has been increased given the election results. About 239 million people are eligible for the franchise this year. The US has around 4 million people of Indian origin, of which there are 2.5 million voters. There are over 1.3 million indo-American voters in key states like Texas, Florida, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

While returning from the poll campaign on Tuesday, the trump (74) tweeted in the electoral rallies with a short video of themselves dancing, “vote, vote, vote” Biden (77) also appealed to the public to appeal to them: “this is the day of the vote.” Go, vote in the United States.

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