The new track Reggae Hindustan featuring EPR Iyer and produced by GJ Storm out now

Rashika Sharma
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Lucknow: Originated in Jamaica, reggae music is regarded to be one of the most effective genres to deliver meaningful messages. The track ‘Reggae Hindustan’ the creation of EPR which is produced by GJ Storm points out the ill factors diminishing the trust of people towards several institutions of the society. EPR tries to empower the people by becoming a voice for change and speaking up for the injustice happening all across!

The team behind this track consisted of Anurag Bose as the director, Souvanik Kundu & Souradip Hazra as cinematographer, Raj Bhagat as the VFX artist, and Souvanik Kundu for video correction. The video was shot in Kolkata, in association with 422 studios and Adiacot entertainment.

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