Saloni Panda: Meet the Pune based food and lifestyle blogger who is very passionate to her work

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Saloni Panda is a Pune based Food and lifestyle blogger. She started blogging in 2017. Being a person who always loves to learn new things, Saloni has always been very artistic and creative. From getting a versatile Odissi dancer to now being a great food blogger and digital creator, Saloni has made her name with her passion.

She was always interested in cooking and eating and that’s when she decided that she should start her own page on Instagram to showcase her love for food and cooking. She is known for presenting even the simplest of  Dal chawal in an appealing way.

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She says, “I get a lot of messages from new bloggers telling me how I’m inspired them to become a creator and it is the biggest achievement for me”.

She lost her father in 2019 but this has made her a stronger girl who is driven to give the best life for her mother and her younger brother.”When life shuts one door for you, the other opens” she believes.

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She says, ” I believe in myself and I believe in the power of the universe. I remember when I lost my father I didn’t know how things will get back to normal. My brother was just in 10th standard and it was a tough time for us but now things are slowly getting back to normal and I’m sure great things are to happen”.


Saloni Panda
Saloni Panda

Saloni believes that passion is what keeps you going. It you aren’t passionate, you’re wasting your time. It’s important to be passionate towards your goals and work hard to achieve them. “Being a digital creator is all about being committed, consistent and creating good content that will get more audience for you.

She says, I am nothing without the wonderful people who make my audience in the digital world. The reason I am motivated to create content is because my audience looks forward to it and showers so much love on my content”. Saloni wants to host her own food and travel show someday.

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