Rajat Mehta, A Travel enthusiast trying out local cuisines

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Rajat Mehta, a Travel (Photo source: theuncanny_traveller Instagram)

Rajat Mehta aka theuncanny_traveller a Travel enthusiast and a foodie he loves exploring new places and trying out local cuisines.

At every moment of life, We as humans always want to learn and become better versions of ourselves. Before he was an influencer, He was shy and not very comfortable talking to many people but he loved putting his ideas at bigger stages.

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In 2017, when Rajat was walking on the streets of Gothenburg, Sweden he got an opportunity to talk about India and its beautiful travel locations and diverse food culture to the Swedish people. This moment acted as a spark and motivated him to share his experiences with more people and help share his little knowledge as and when he learned with everyone. Instagram was a perfect platform for him to start his Influencer Journey.

Rajat Mehta
Rajat Mehta, a Travel (Photo source: theuncanny_traveller Instagram)

It’s been a wonderful learning experience wherein he has met amazing people, learned so much about Social Media, Travel, photography, and Food. Most importantly, It has made him a better version of himself. Rajat hopes to keep learning and helping more and more people with time.

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There have been multiple special moments, But he thinks one moment he finds very special to him is helping and carrying out initiatives for the betterment of society. He had tied up with an NGO for daily wage workers and through his page, Rajat managed to collect funds to help these personally. He says, “The smiles on the faces of those workers were immense and I was very happy I could help them”.

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Being real, being original, and creating content that actually helps people is something unique about his profile. Over the years, He has been consistent with his posts, the quality has improved, and he never forget to thank or appreciate other creators as well.

Rajat Mehta’s Advice/ suggestions for the upcoming influencers?

Don’t add fake followers, likes, or comments, or be a part of pod groups, it will damage your profile. Always keep learning and improving yourself. Focus more on creating content rather than the benefits of doing it. Express openly and be genuine, real, and original.

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