New Rap Song ‘Pain’ is Coming Soon on FHigh

Rashika Sharma
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Lucknow: FHigh Music, a popular record label for hip hop music will be released a new song for the young generation. The new rap song ‘PAIN’ will be released on their youtube channel. The song is featuring none other than two popular singers, Bella, and Sarkaar. FHigh Music was founded by Ayush Sabat.

Ayush & his team took initiative for making the studio as they want to provide opportunities the new and talented Indian rappers. They have released 20+ rap songs on their youtube channel and the upcoming music is ‘PAIN’. Their every song has gone viral and got successful. Many more songs will be released in the new year.

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The founder of FHigh Music already contracts with Byg Smyle, MC Deep, and MTV Hustle winner Bella to keep with them. Almost every month the record label company releases a new song on their channel. They have already got 22K subscribers within one year. Besides, the number of viewers of their songs is uncountable.

As a person of the young generation, Ayush has known the pulse of youth. Their releasing songs on the YouTube channel of FHigh music are gone viral with a few days of release. Fans and followers eagerly wait for their new songs. ‘PAIN’ will come with the hand of Bella and Sarkaar. So stay tuned with them and do subscribe to don’t miss any music videos. Within a few days, it will be released.

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Ludhiana’s M Zee Bella was the winner of MTV Hustle, one kind of rap reality show in the season of 2019. His original name is Deepak Singh. In this show, he started his competition with 15 top rappers in the country. It was a very competitive journey for him but at last, he defeated everyone and won the series with his capability. Now he is a very popular face to Indian rap lovers.

After winning the series the founder of FHigh Music grabbed his hand and signed with Bella and others for the rap songs. Many popular songs have been released in FHigh Music featured by Bella such as ‘Jaan Waleya’, ‘Everyday Hustling’, ‘Carnage’, ‘Python’, ‘EGO’, ‘Fly High’, and many more. 

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