Mohammed Umar M: Social media influencer with his innovative ideas

Rashika Sharma
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Karnataka: Mohammed Umar M is a Social Media Influencer from Bellary city of Karnataka. It’s really fascinating to see how a 26 years old boy is making a big name for himself in the field of digital promotions.

Mohammed Umar M Recently got Engaged with Umme Hafsa on 4th December 2022. Mohammed Umar M from Bellary city of Karnataka, he is making a name for himself in the field of digital promotions. Umar also won the Mr. Bellary Contest 2020, which was organized by Bellari Meri Jaan. Umar shined out among 113 other contestants and won first place. Recently, Mohammed Umar M got Award of Best Male Influencing Modal of the Year 2022 for his outstanding performance in Build India Achievement Award-22.

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He worked at a very young age when most of the people of his age group were still figuring out what to do in life. Started as a freelancer Umar hit big very quickly in the field of digital world. Mohammed Umar M worked too hard and made a very good network in a very short period of time. Mohammed Umar M client list includes television artists, music labels, youtubers, tik tokers, etc, collaborated with brands like Nutrainix, Blue Nectar, Luxura Sciences, and Sathwa, and gave genuine reviews to his followers.

Mohammed Umar M
Source : Instagram

According to Mohammed Umar M, “My network is my net worth”. According to Umar in the digital world if you want to be successful you need to work hard and you need to fulfill all the demands of your clients as the digital world is very competitive and if you are able to deliver the desired result then you lose your clients. He is a forever learner and this quality gives him an extra edge over his competition as he learns new techniques to deliver results and uses new methods way before his competition.

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In just a few years, Umar M started his own company and took the digital world in a very fashionable way. He provides all services related to digital marketing. He has a network of more than 60 people. Umar’s association with different celebrities and his work is speaking for Umar.

He is an actor, social media influencer, model and social worker. He knows the art of direction, production and script writing. One short story film Umar has directed was ‘Call Me If You Need Blood.’ He deals as a social media influencer. For the people who are struggling in the field of digital world Umar have one suggestion, “Work hard and always try to grow your network as it only matters in the long term.

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