Meet Anjali Hariyani, Boston’s bustling working-class resident and fashion blogger

Rashika Sharma
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Anjali Hariyani

New Delhi: The number of people using Instagram and other social media sites is increasing daily. Fashion, beauty, and leisure are incredibly diverse fields. With that said, we adore Anjali Hariyani’s continued excellence.

Anjali Hariyani is a working-class resident of bustling Boston and is originally from Indore. Her interest in social media is managed together with her job life, as evidenced by the 36k+ followers she has!

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Her followers enjoy her varied content, which conveys a sense of approachable fashion. Anjali keeps her styling on the more opulent end while still making it very straightforward for the audience. Anjali’s collaborative efforts in building her page have never gone unseen. Brands both in India and abroad value the art. She remains incredibly committed to selecting more of this type of stuff as a result.

Additionally, Anjali enjoys collaborating with smaller domestic companies. In the same way that she supports small company expansion and development. Since they represent the newest economic trend worldwide. Anjali has recently discovered a love for travel, and she really appreciates a weekend away from the city’s bustle. Anjali never skips an opportunity to go on a trip and share on her page the travel-related fashion content that her audience has been enjoying recently.

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I want my followers to be able to support my apparel line, which I hope to have someday, in addition to just looking up to me for styling, she says.

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