Man has Gifted His Wife Taj Mahal in Madhya Pradesh

Rahul Kaushik
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Taj Mahal in Madhya Pradesh

In Madhya Pradesh‘s Burhanpur a man has built a replica of the Taj Mahal. As Shah Jahan made the architecture for his wife as a symbol of love, the MP man also gifts this architecture like home to his spouse.

Educationist Anand Prakash Chouksey has made the building for his wife Manjusha Chouksey. For getting inspiration they have visited the actual cenotaph at Agra.

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Mrs. Chouksey said, “I’m extremely happy. I never expected he would gift me something so special. The party was organized by professional event organizers, and the setting was surreal. It felt like we are literally on the moon.”

Anand Chouksey was also thought that why the Taj Mahal was not made in Burhanpur, in his city. It is known that at first Taj Mahal was built on the bank of the Tapti river. But later it was built in Agra besides the bank of Yamuna. The belief is in Mr. Chouksey that when any tourist will come to Burhanpur they can’t ignore his structure.

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The house is a perfect replica of the Taj Mahal. It has been taken three years for building. The engineer who constructed this building said that it was much challenging to make this house. He has studied the structure of the real Taj Mahal very deeply. They built this based on a 3D image of the Taj Mahal. making the carving inside the house he wanted help from the artists of Indore and Bengal.

According to the engaged engineer, the basic structure of this construction has occupied 60 square meters and with minarets, the whole area is 90 square meters. The height of the dome of this building is 29 feet. It has the towers like real Taj Mahal. Mumbai artisans have prepared the furniture for this house and the floor has been made from ‘Makrana’ of Rajasthan.

It has four bedrooms. Two of these are upstairs and two are downstairs. It also has a big hall, one kitchen, one meditation room, and one library. The most attractive part of this house is its lighting. The lighting is made in a way that it will shine like a real Taj Mahal in dark.

Now the pictures of this replica have been viral on social media and many people shared the post with his beloved person.

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