‘Jadu Pari’ Suhani Shah, who can read people’s minds, came into the limelight

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Suhani Shah

New Delhi: Suhani Shah, 32 years old a mentalist, is becoming popular on every national news channel. Suhani claims to be able to read people’s minds. Suhani writes her observations about a person on a piece of paper with a card. Suhani Shah is a popular figure on Twitter. She has over 56k thousand followers to date.

Suhani claims to be a magician and says magic is an art that she has mastered. The magician has admitted that ‘mind-reading’ is an art and not ‘divine powers’ as claimed by Bageshwar Dham Trust chief Dhirendra Shastri. Suhani Shah never went to school after class 1 and terms herself a master of witchcraft art. Having performed her first stage show at the age of 7, Suhani Shah has been active in the field of magic for two and a half decades. She did her first stage show on 22 October 1997 at Ahmedabad’s ‘Thakor Bhai Desai’ Hall, Ahmedabad.

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Apart from being a well-known magician, Suhani is also a Corporate Trainer, Life Coach, professional hypnotherapist and the author of 5 books.  She has been travelling across the world for over two decades now, performing at shows, talking at conferences, and training other magicians. As she travelled across the world, many came to her asking about supernatural powers, which encouraged her to learn the psychological assessment of people. After this, she decided to write a book about her experience of learning psychological assessments of people.

She claims that she is not able to open her account on Linkedin. “Every time I try to make an account on LinkedIn, it asks me about my formal education. Abhi tak account nahi bana,” the magical had posted on her Twitter account.

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She is popularly called ‘Jaadu Pari’ and has been doing magic shows since her childhood days. Suhani Shah also goes to foreign countries to perform magic shows. Suhani Shah has performed live magic on many news channels and shows including Kareena Kapoor, Zakir Khan, Saina Nehwal, Sandeep Maheshwari and many other famous people.

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