Importance and Significance of VPN in Digital Marketing

Rahul Kaushik
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VPN (Virtual Private Network)

VPN (Virtual Private Network) works by online connection through remote servers. This technique hides the IP address and location simultaneously. Besides, it masks all the activities via encryption, making them utterly unreadable to snoopers and other possible onlookers.

The necessity of VPN in a marketing agency –

1. Data protection

Adjoining the internet without a VPN enabled leaves online activities exposed to the ISP and other users on the network. This means they see what websites are visiting and what data is exchanged. A VPN tunnel is vital for keeping trade secrets hidden when working in public networks.

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2. Anonymity

Online marketers sometimes have to visit a particular website multiple times for research purposes. Unfortunately, frequent visits from the same IP address can be misinterpreted as potential spam. Furthermore, online trackers and cookies will skew the results because you’ll wane as a returning user.

Most marketers are familiar with Incognito Mode and how it builds a clean slate for visiting websites as new users. Nevertheless, a VPN is crucial for taking this approach further and gaining a new IP address, thus completely hiding the true identity.

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3. Exploring foreign markets

Changing the location with a VPN is an excellent way to research foreign markets. Specifically, it allows one to take on the mantle of a user from a different country and observe the web through their eyes. That means seeing unique results on online search engines, country-specific website layouts, and region-exclusive deals.

4. Access to restricted content

Online geographical restrictions are the practice of limiting content to specific countries. These restrictions are enforced by checking the IP address, which is used to assess a user’s location, and then conducting accordingly. This is common in the entertainment industry with movies and TV shows being limited to specific areas.

5. Ability to work remotely

Some workers like the flexibility of operating remotely. There’s even a name for such people- digital nomads. Yet, many companies are rightfully concerned about several cybersecurity questions stemming from remote work. Moreover, working from all over the world makes it distrusting to maintain an internet for sharing resources. A VPN can fix these crises by allowing everyone to connect to the same network from any direction.

Other benefits of a VPN –

1. Unblocking streaming services

The most popular consumer VPN use case is accessing geo-blocked movies and TV shows.

2. Staying anonymous

It has to admit that online advertising has become quite proficient at profiling netizens. As such, users frequently use VPNs to blend in with the crowd, hide their location, and prevent tracking.

3. Protection against ads, trackers, and malware

Some of the promising VPN services have special equipment for blocking malicious ads and online trackers. Bonus protection includes preventing phishing attacks and malware from entering your system.

4. Avoid censorship and surveillance

 Not everyone can enjoy the internet liberty most of us have grown accustomed to. A VPN is an essential tool for accessing the free web and preventing online censorship.

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