How Blogger Shanika Khurmi made 10K to 130k followers on Instagram in Just 2 months

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We do not know what we should do in our everyday life and especially when we are students. Today’s world has become more online, someone keeps going viral every day. There are some people who achieve their goals much sooner than the others, but that does not mean that was there was no hard work or dedication from their side.

Shanika Khurmi is a Chandigarh Blogger as well as a Law student. She started her blogging journey in 2019 with her close friend Mohak. Shanika and Mohak started a page on Instagram @chandigarhfoodbloggers. All was going well with her, she was going to different places and trying out different dishes because of her food journey. This made her happy, as the love of food was the reason she started a food page.

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Shanika also loves to travel, take photos, try out makeup looks. In the month of October, Shanika’s brother, Sayyam Khurmi, and her friend advised Shanika to start another blog of her own where she could share her love of beauty and fashion with other people.

Shanika opened an account on Instagram. But Shanika is a student, and also has another page so it was difficult for her to manage all three together. But when you’re passionate about something, you keep all these excuses aside and continue to work hard.

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Shanika Khurmi
Shanika Khurmi

She kept on posting content related to makeup and fashion regularly but success does not come to you immediately always. The same was the case with her as she struggled to get recognition with her new page. But she did not let this affect her morale and she thought of starting something different. This is the time when Shanika started making videos on Tik Tok. And from Tik Tok, she soon started getting good results. She soon garnered half a Million followers on Tik Tok and this got her recognition as well as the love of people.

But after a few months, Tik Tok got banned in India, and by that time she had increased her Instagram following to 10k with the help of Tik Tok. Now, this was a huge setback for her as she had lost a platform on which she got so much success and love. But again she did not lose hope and continued her journey on Instagram. And as they say that luck favors the brave, Instagram launched a new feature called ‘Reels’. This feature boosted her Instagram growth immensely. She has 130k followers on Instagram as of now.

Shanika’s dreams are very big and she wants to fulfill each one of them. She is also thankful to her parents as they have supported her throughout the journey. She is currently a Law student studying in Chandigarh and aims to pursue Law in the future.

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