Himanee Aarya Bhatia thanks fans for their unconditional love and support 

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Delhi: Himanee Bhatia, also known as Himanee Aarya Bhatia, is called ‘Delhi’s Doll’ for her soft beauty and kind interactions with her fans. She is known as one of the nicest-natured actresses.

In a short span of two years in the industry, Himanee’s fanbase has largely increased. She is a popular name, is often compared to major Bollywood stars, and has entered the big league of actresses.

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On her views of her fans, Himanee says, “My fans are extremely important to me. Because of them, I am here. It is their unconditional love that has helped me get through the tough times.”

Interview With Himanee Bhatia: 

We asked Himanee which gestures truly touched her heart.

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She said, “If I start with how special my fans have made me feel, I won’t stop talking; however, I will share a few gestures that touched my heart. I remember a group of fans celebrating my birthday at their house with cakes and balloons. That really touched my heart. On Valentine’s Day, my fans unveiled a giant poster of mine on a cricket field and professed their love for me.

Another time, my fans curated a video from all over the world and gifted me chocolates and teddies. They all wore t-shirts with quotes from my movie characters and my photographs. Recently, a fan got a permanent tattoo of my name on his arm, which left me spellbound. Another fan also shared a photograph of his room with my posters full of them.

A fan from Japan has recently dedicated his jewelry line in my name as his muse.” Besides everything, my fans constantly share fan art and manage to give me tears of happiness each time. When I had just started in the industry, I was often let down. Being an outsider with no background in a film family, I often faced rejections and replacements.

A little girl who was a fan saw me crying in the airport bathroom, and she said, “Himanee didi! You are my Disney princess, Merida. Don’t cry. I will cry if you do.” She was so adorable and gave me chocolate and a keychain of the Disney character Merida from the movie Brave.

That was the day I decided, no matter what, I would never give up. I dedicate all my victories, awards, movie hits, and happiness to my fans and family. Without them, I am nothing.

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