Best Buddies Forever? Friendship Marriage Takes Off in Japan!

Rahul Kaushik
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Friendship Marriages in Japan Representative image. Pixels

Did you know some grown-ups in Japan get married in a special way? It’s not like marrying someone you love, it’s more like marrying your best friend!

Imagine This: You and your best friend are the coolest team ever! You share toys, play games, and have sleepovers. In a friendship marriage, two grown-up friends decide to be best friends forever, just like you and your best friend!

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Why Be Best Friend Buddies Forever?

In Japan, working hard can be tiring. Some grown-ups might just want a reliable friend by their side, someone to share fun times and help with chores. Getting married as friends means having a teammate who helps out, just like you help your best friend!

Maybe someone doesn’t like kissing or holding hands, but still wants a best friend. A friendship marriage can be perfect for them!

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Friendship Marriage Rules: Talk it Out!

The best part about being best friend buddies forever is you get to decide how it works! Some friends might live together, while others might prefer having their own rooms. Maybe they even want a pet someday, like a cuddly cat or a playful dog!

The most important thing is to talk openly and honestly with your friend before saying “I do!” This means talking about everything – how you’ll share chores (like cleaning toys!), and if it’s okay to have other best friends.

Is Being Best Friend Buddies Forever for You?

If you dream about someone who makes your heart flutter, a friendship marriage might not be the right fit. But if you love hanging out with your best friend and think it would be awesome to be on the same team forever, then a friendship marriage could be a super cool idea!

Bonus Fun Facts!

  • This is a new trend happening more in big cities of Japan.
  • Sometimes, friendship marriages are called “promise marriages” because the friends promise to be good teammates.
  • Even though there’s no romance, some friendship marriages still have parties with cake and fun decorations!

Remember: The most important thing in any kind of marriage is to be kind and supportive, just like you are with your best friend! Friendship marriages might be different, but they’re still about teamwork and making each other happy!

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