Food is an emotion for Bangalore based food blogger Subhamshree Sahu

Rashika Sharma
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Subhamshree Sahu

Subhamshree Sahu from Odisha currently based out of Bangalore. He is a network engineer by profession and a food influencer by passion his Instagram handle is @foodie0119. He started his influencer journey with his passion.

On 13 July 2018, he started his Instagram page. Since then have been exploring the food and culture across places. Also Subhamshree a big-time foodie, here goes his journey of food. It started within the home, his mom made food, then to street food, and while doing his engineering in Bhubaneswar.

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Subhamshree Sahu
Subhamshree Sahu

He started exploring restaurants and gradually it increased. Most of the times his friends and relatives whenever they plan to dine outside they used to take suggestions from him and gradually it increased and then he realized it’s better to make people aware of different places and cuisine through social media that was the time when his journey as a food influencer begun.

For Subhamshree Sahu, food is nothing but an emotion it helps us to connect with people. Hence his motto is to make people aware and love his state and what India has to offer to the entire world.

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In blogging, the Photography part excites him most because by looking at the food that we feel, that should be felt by our followers, viewers & public. Subhamshree mantra’s for new bloggers, I would say that please don’t worry about followers, likes. Remain focussed on your work, post good quality pictures automatically you will get followers and likes.

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