Find out where to follow Battlegrounds Mobile India on the Google Play Store, as well as other information

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Battlegrounds Mobile India

If the individual response is any indication, Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is catching up to PUBG India in prominence. The game made by South Korean programmer Krafton is dominating the rankings one more day after its introduction to the Google Play Store for all Android smartphone owners (July 2). It is now the No. 1 technically free and No. 2 best-selling game in India on Google Play.

BGMI has already been in open beta for the previous two weeks and is now accessible for all Android downloads from the smartphone.

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After PUBG Mobile was forbidden in September 2020, along with more than 100 other Chinese apps, the battle royale game was relaunched as the Indian version of PUBG.

Gamers that are pre-registered for Battlegrounds Smartphone India only have to upgrade the application from the App Store. Some who do not always pre-register must download the application in its entirety.

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All they have to do is go to the Play Store on their smartphone device, search for Battlegrounds Mobile India, and click on install. Simply start the game after it has been installed.

Gamers who had a Smart Bands account prior to the game’s ban in India can transfer their data to Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Basic hardware requirements for Battlegrounds Mobile India According to the manufacturer, the suggested hardware components for BGMI are Android 5.1.1 or higher and at a minimum of 2GB resources. Transfers of information will be accessible until December 31, 2021. Even though the data transmission is not instant, normal multiplayer is possible if you establish a new account for the mobile feature.

Only your Facebook/Twitter account is required to complete the data transmission.

According to Krafton, gamers should begin the data transmission process immediately after developing their protagonist and before using the phone feature.

If a game includes data transmission after gameplay using a different account in the mobile app, the data from the previous app will overwrite whatever information is already present in the mobile app, resulting in the deletion of all of the teammates’ achievements, including purchased products and gameplay information.


  • In May, Battlegrounds Mobile India was revealed.
  • The game is the Indian version of Battleground Mobile.
  • There is no set date for when Public Mobile India will be available. Every day now, the Fortune Pack will be available again.

The Daily Fortune Pack incident at Battlegrounds Mobile India has been temporarily suspended. The Daily Fortune Bundle was supposed to be created on June 30 for the Indian version of PUBG (Player Unknown’s Battles), and it had been assumed to last until July 7, but it was delayed due to some technical issues, as per a post by both the corporations.

The Daily Fortune Pack incident has been involuntarily torn offline as of July 1 due to an error, according to Krafton’s announcement on the game’s official website. Battlegrounds Mobile India has launched a new organization called Daily Fortune Pack, where users may buy fortune packets with fiat currency and receive random goodies. This event was supposed to last until July 7, but it hasn’t been taken down yet, according to the people present in the upper room.

Krafton may well have maintained its word since Battlegrounds Mobile India is now open to everyone. So, if you’re still not convinced, here’s how to get a PUBG Mobile India appearance.

How to get the application


  • For your Android phone or tablet, go to the App Store.


  • In Google Play, look for Battlegrounds India, then hit the very first option.


  • You can download the software via Wi-Fi or mobile data. Battlegrounds Mobile is approximately 721MB in size. It may, though, vary depending on the phone and the Android platform.


  • To install and operate Battlegrounds Mobile India, your device must have App 5.1 or later and at least 2GB of RAM.


Battlegrounds Mobile India incentives

Krafton has begun in-game occurrences in Battlegrounds Mobile India, which began today. You can get an “INDIA KA BATTLEGROUNDS” gift as well as 1M and 5M cumulative downloading incentives until August 19 at 11:59:59 pm IST. After the game’s launch, the Constable Set and the 10M prize will be accessible until August 19th. According to Krafton, there will be more occurrences in the future.

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