Elon Musk wants to quit his job after becoming an influencer

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Elon Musk

GrowJust Desk: Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla wants to quit his job become an influencer. He is now probably bored with his self-driven cars and spaceships. Today at 9.26 am he has told the netizens about this possibility on Twitter. He tweeted, “thinking of quitting my jobs & becoming an influencer full-time wdyt.”

Musk’s wanting to become an influencer isn’t a wrong plan. He has everything to become an influencer in the entire world. He has 65.8 million followers on the most effective social media in current days, Twitter. His one tweet can affect the market value of Shibu Inu and Dogecoin. So if he takes social media for expressing himself from tomorrow then he become the world’s greatest influencer.

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The people who are following Musk on Twitter are well known that the person is much active on this platform. It doesn’t matter what is your name or what is your occupation, if your tweet can grab his attention then it’s a high chance to get a reply message from him. This nature increases his number of followers day by day and he gets a lot of replies from his one tweet.

Musk’s current tweet has caught the attention of the co-founder of OnePlus, Carl Pei. By using his username “carlpei. eth”, he gives a reply to Musk’s tweet and said, “You’re already an influencer.”

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Another influencer Mr. Beast replied to Musk’s tweet and said after becoming an influencer he can guide him on how to get more viewers on YouTube. Musk replied it through an emoji. Another user said, “if you had a dollar for every shitpost you’d be an oh wait, nvm.” The user thought that Musk will be a billionaire if he will get paid for every tweet but he then realized that Musk is already an influencer and that’s why he didn’t complete the message. Musk also gave a laughing emoji as a reply.

Everyone takes the tweet as a funny statement and Elon Musk doesn’t suffer any harassment or negative comments from netizens.

Very soon Tesla-backed Starlink offer internet services in India. But the company didn’t get any license that is required to start the service in India. Director of Starlink India Sanjaya Bhargava said that in January 2022 the company will apply for the license.

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