Bella releases his new R&B track with FHigh that includes emotions and melodies

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LUCKNOW: Deepak Singh a.k.a. Bella, popularly known winner of MTV Hustle (the first-ever rap show on Indian Television). Bella after gaining huge popularity and fame with the title continues to put his hard work in his tracks. He is currently signed with FHigh Music India owned by Ayush Sabat.

Bella came up with this new track “Wajah Hai Tu” from the album Feel High, which is a new piece of his creative mind. This track is a unique one as it is not just a rap song, it’s one filled with emotions and melodies too. Bella broke the cliche rules just to bring out a new innovation to his audience.

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The track will be released on youtube channel  “FHigh Music India”. This track depicts the story of a boy, who once loved a girl but couldn’t get her and now he’s too famous, wants to move on. For one last time, in front of everyone, he wants to confess his love for the girl.

Bella being the one-man army is currently working on the album “Home” from his personal youtube channel and “Feel High” album with the label simultaneously. Each of the tracks he’s released to date has gained a huge fanbase.

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This track is going to be the one added to your playlist once you listen to it!

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