Amul’s Latest Doodle ‘Atmosfear’ Picturing India’s Bad Condition Due to Air Pollution

Rahul Kaushik
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Amul Air Pollution

Amul is well known for its various type of witty doodles and cartoons. After any particular event, it mostly shared a funny doodle on social media. In recent times the dairy brand shared an image on Instagram. It is showing that wearing a mask the Amul Girl walking through the smog. It shows the actual conditions of the pollution level not only in Delhi but also in all big cities in India.

Their main objective is to capture people’s concern on the serious issue about ‘Air Pollution. The brand wants to make awareness through this picture that how pollution affects one’s health. The company has taken a minimalist route to reach into people’s minds.

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“Atmosphere” the text is written on the doodle. It is another example of the company’s love for wordplay. With the caption “Atmosfear” the brand has also given a written caption, “The bad air quality in big cities”.

After months of better air quality, India’s big cities are now going into bad condition. The layer of the painful smog is now lingering over the capital city of India. On Tuesday the AQI level went to 403. Delhi Government and people are giving major concern for this. The capital city is now suffering from deadly air pollution since the early week of November due to over 4000 farm fires, dust, open garbage burning emissions of fume from transport.

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Several parts of Delhi are now experiencing a low visibility rate of 200 meters. After occurring this situation Delhi Government has announced the complete weekend lockdown. All educational institutions including schools, colleges are now completely shut down. They have also stopped all the construction work till further notice and have started work from home for 50 percent of government employees.

Besides Delhi, Mumbai also experiencing decadent air quality. The condition went under the ‘poor’ category on Tuesday. The AQI level was reached in 280 as it was the worst air quality in this season. The skyline fully lingered with haze in the evening.

After sharing the doodle numerous people have given their reactions in the comment section. One person wrote, “So true Amul“. Another, ” It’s us who needs to be blamed”. Another one has written, “Matter of deep concern”.

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