Experience the soothing and amazing spring destinations

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Amazing Spring Destinations

Spring comes with lots of colors and beauty. The season has almost come and most of the travelers has started to pack their bags. Experience the beautiful and elegant sounds and sceneries in this season with its full color at these amazing spring destinations.

Romantic and adventurous experience at Wayanad, Munnar

Refreshing surroundings, charming tropical valleys, pleasant weather, and blooming flowers can attract a large number of travelers to Wayanad and Munnar located in Kerala. Spring is the best time to visit this place. Surrounded by beautiful waterfalls and tea gardens, the landscape is blanketed in greenery. Flowers are in their full splendour during this time. Travelers can enjoy bird viewing in the Brahmagiri forest and can also take a walk around the tea estate in the Kalpetta region. Near Rs 7,000 will need for a three day trip per person.

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Snow-capped peaks with flowery fields at Srinagar

Beautiful tulip garden, snow-washed Gulmarg and Dal Lake make Srinagar a much-awaited place during spring. The entire valley is immersed in vibrant blossoms and their tempting fragrances. A stroll through the gardens of Shalimar Bagh allows you to enjoy the best of Nature in spring. A two-day stay in Srinagar would be in the range of Rs 6,000 to 7,000.

A city of fairytale cottages, Ziro

Located in Arunachal Pradesh Ziro valley is surrounded by hillocks, lush forests, paddy fields, pretty meadows and rivulets. The place is an enchanting destination for nature lovers.

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Tourists can experience the golden light of the evening hours blankets the fields, and watch the sunset on the hill slopes in this place. Meeting with the Apatani tribe and drinking the local drink kala apong (rice beer) is a must when visiting. For five day tour in this valley, one has to bear Rs 20,000.

An idyllic globe, Bir

Bir is a small village in Himachal Pradesh situated at an elevation of 5,000 feet amid serene landscapes. Snow-capped hills and artistic temples increase the beauty of the place in the springtime. Temperatures are pleasant and spring is the prettiest time with flowers and colors all around. Due to the ideal weather, it’s a great time to go paragliding. For this reason, most people come to Bir at this time. Approximately 3,500 Rs will charge for a 2 day trip to this village.

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