Swati Asthana an air hostess by profession also known as Pink Cap Girl

Rashika Sharma
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New Delhi: Swati Asthana started her journey when she was 18-years-old. She always wanted to be a part of this industry, Her first airline was Saudi Arabia and then She switched to Air India and now working with Indigo proudly. From the beginning, She knew that she was not meant for ordinary things she always thought of doing dissimilar things to reveal her abilities & identity to the world.

Stepping into the aviation industry was never a piece of the cake for her like many others. She could not clear her interview in the first instance mostly because She was overweight. Even after so many rejections, Swati didn’t lose hope. She was on the toes to reduce her weight and to get success in her next interview. And guess what She could manage to achieve that with all her dedication and hard work.

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Swati Asthana
Swati Asthana Official Photograph

Post achieving what She was always desiring since her childhood. She says, I’m not a person who can just get settled with only one achievement, I always believe in doing more than what I could achieve.

Hence, She started showing more interest in her social media accounts where she could show her talent to the world. Swati also says I’m fortunate enough to travel the world & get paid for it. I never miss a chance to show my lifestyle & travel diaries through my photos and videos.

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Talking about the Name #PinkCapGirl which is given by the world to her. 

The story behind this name brings a wide smile to her face. She’s been a huge fan of cricket. One day when She got to know Ahmedabad is hosting its first-ever International match in the world’s largest cricket stadium, She couldn’t stop herself from attending the event. It was India’s 3rd test match (IND vs ENG), She was there in the crowd with a pink cap on her head cheering for team India, god knows from where Cameraman spotted her and within the first inning break It was all over the Internet. It Got viral within few hours before She could reach home, She started getting calls, messages, her Dm’s were flooded with messages She could notice a hike in the count of her followers as well.

It was so unexpected for her. It’s been a week and She still can’t believe that all this happened to her. This was a turning point in Swati Asthana’s life. She started getting calls for News interviews, paid shoots, and much more.

Swati Asthana Says, I’m handling both her personal and professional life pretty well by believing in me and not expecting much from life rather doing hard work for achieving milestones.

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