Sumit Goswami: A story of a person from zero to a hero

Rashika Sharma
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Sumit Goswami. Image: @Sumit Goswami Facebook

New Delhi: There is a lot of singer in the Indian music industry. One suddenly comes onto the news and after the times they will diminish. But Sumit Goswami is constant. He is an Indian singer and lyricist. The person is an umbrella term. He is known for his article, singing and composing lots of music in the Haryanvi dialect. Only at 26 age, he established himself as a renowned singer in the country. Sumit Goswami has received innumerable grants for his work and many national media portals cover his news.

However, Sumit’s path was not easy. He was eager with singing from his childhood days. So he started writing songs from class nine. But his father was not supportive. He was not in favour of his singing career, and he wanted to make Sumit an engineer. He respected whatever his father want and took admitted to an institute, but his ambition to come to be a musician never ended. After completing the study, he started doing night shifts in a private firm. He used to work in the profession at the night and composed music during the day time.

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The first song titled ‘Karobaar’ was released on January 2018. ‘Karobaar’ did not receive much popularity, but his family started supporting him after that. Then the singer released his second song ‘Gangwar with Bawli Tared’. It won a lot of gratitude from society. After releasing the video song with Vicky Kajla on YouTube Sumit became a popular singer in Haryana. He starred in numerous Haryanvi music videos such as Yaar Ki Shaadi (2019), Tora (2020), Raaj (2020), Pyar Mera (2021) and Yaara (2021).

He broke the heart of his lady followers and got engaged to Neha Goswami in 2021. But there is also controversy in his life. Sumit was threatened by some local people. It is known by the police that his name was included in the suicide of a man named Aman Bainsla who committed suicide in 2020.

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