Rudhra Group will launch, RUDHRA – The Computer Learning App soon!

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Rudhra - The Computer Learning App

Uttar Pradesh: Rudhra Group, a well-known business group all over India will launch, RUDHRA – The Computer Learning App! soon. They started their preparation and planning almost 2 months ago. It is going to be a great opportunity for all the students who want to learn computers besides their school course.

In our modern society, everything has gone digital. So why do we stay back on computer education? From this feeling, Ashish Rudhra, Founder of Rudhra Group is planning to launch the computer learning app. On the other side, Ashish Rudhra loves to help poor people and by launching the app he wants to expand his work.

On this app, students will get some free education. And if you subscribe with very little money you will get more facilities. Learners can complete various computer courses from here. They will get the opportunity to do basic to advanced computer courses in one place. After finishing any courses students will get valid certificates.

There are various computer institutions in our country. But all those are very expensive and everyone can’t take admission. But on this app, everyone can get some free classes and after subscribing you will get more sessions. The certificate will be valuable all over India. It is recognized by the Government of India.

The promising teachers will take online classes. They will give their best. They are too responsible for their students. Ashish will check their ability before hiring. Mostly the classes will be taken in Hindi and English language. And the greatest feature of this app is that all the classes will be video recorded. If you miss any class you will get the video recordings.

All types of online payment modes will be available here. Also, two types of payment methods are accessible. The first one is monthly and the second one is to give full payment before starting the course. It is completely up to you which one you will choose.

Keep an eye on the latest news. It will come very soon! After launching it is a must to download the app from the play store and IOS Store. Watch some free classes and after that, if you like them then subscribe and attain more classes.

Computer skill is much necessary in today’s world. From banks to hospitals, private firms to government offices in every job basic computer skill is the primary requirement for everyone. In recent times many people are not getting the job for not having a computer education properly.

So it is essential to know the computer much well. Don’t ignore it. Try to assimilate it from a beginner’s level. Ashish Rudhra tries to make a path for all. You can confide in him.

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