Rapper Sarkaar Coming up with a New track ‘PAIN’ from FHigh Label

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Sarkaar with Bella

Lucknow: Rapper Sarkaar Coming up with a New track ‘PAIN’ from FHigh Label. The original name of Sarkaar is Niraj Joshi. With the collaboration of MTV Hustle winner M Zee Bella, he featured the song. This is a new rap song and will be released on the official youtube channel of FHigh Music, the popular record label company of India very soon. The poster of the new song is already released on the official Instagram account of FHigh Music. Sarkaar and Bella are shown in the poster in a cool and rock pose.

Sarkaar came from Mahendranagar Kanchanpur in Nepal. He was hustling from 2015 in Dehradun, Uttarakhand. But now he is signed up with FHigh Music. With the collaboration of M Zee Bella, he will be featured in ‘Pain’, ‘Skrrt City’, ‘Yoddha’, and much more rap songs. As a singer besides singing, he also loves to listen to different types of international music.  ‘Travis Scott’, ‘Dontoliver’, ‘Machinegunkelly’ are already on his listing list. It is shown the love of a singer for music.

FHigh Music, the record label company has started in June 2020 during the lockdown period by Ayush Sabat and his close friends. Their main objective was to give the chance to the upcoming and talented new Indian rappers. They have already worked with Byg Smyle, MC Deep, M Zee Bella, Swattrex and released a lot of popular songs. Now they are working with Sarkaar, the new singer.

Within a few days ‘Pain’ will be released on their official youtube channel. Bella and Sarkaar are already started their work with the song. As a new singer Sarkaar is giving his full effort to make the song. So if you don’t want to miss their new and upcoming song then stay tuned with them. Do subscribe to their youtube channel to don’t miss anything and follow them on Instagram. Ayush and his team can realize the pulse of the young generation as they are the main listener of rap songs. Hope the new song also captures your heart and mind.

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