Alicia Paul: Meet 19-year-old model from Kolkata Who Specializes In A Variety Of Projects

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Delhi: Being a social media creator opens doors to express yourself and connect with a dedicated audience. You can turn your passion into a career, collaborate with brands, and even build a loyal following. It’s a chance to be creative, inform others, and potentially influence the online world – all while growing your personal brand and building a fulfilling career path.

Alicia Paul, 19 years old, was born and raised in Kolkata. She is a model and influencer with over 34k followers who specializes in a variety of projects, particularly bridal/traditional and western/fashion shoots.

Alicia Paul Study and Career

She graduated from the ISC board, scoring an impressive 87.75% overall across 5 subjects. She says, among the subjects, biology holds a special place in my heart, which laid the foundation for my current pursuit of a Bachelor of Science (Honors) in Zoology in Calcutta.

Alicia Paul, Model from Kolkata

Brand Collaboration

She love makeup and fashion. So She love to try different fashionable outfits, be they traditional or western. She also says, I’ve had some incredible opportunities to collaborate with brands, promoting beauty clinics, cafes, clubs, and more. But I’m always up for more! Eager to expand my horizons, I’m actively seeking collaborations with new brands or promotions at shops like Clinic or any other place.

Work with Education

She pursued modeling alongside her education. Walking down runways and posing for photoshoots have become a part of her daily routine, providing excitement and inventiveness.

Alicia says, “Being in the spotlight isn’t my only dream—I’ve got big plans to become both an actress and a model! Alongside my modeling gigs, I’ve had to shoot prank videos with YouTubers and even teach as a private tutor to school students”.

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