Kaifi Khalil and his melodious voice ‘Kahani Suno 2.0’ touched the hearts of Pakistan to India

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Kaifi Khalil (@kaifikhalilmusic) Instagram

GrowJust Desk: Kaifi Khalil is not just a typical singer. He brings a prosperous artistic heritage to the Pakistani music arena. And that puts him apart from others. He was born and brought up in Lyari. He spent his childhood days in the slum area of Lyari. The region is known for its violence. But it doesn’t have an effect on his life. Born into a lyrical family, Kaifi has been enchanted by melody since his adolescent days. After completing their traditional studies, the singer received his formal music training, where he collaborated with a lot of renowned musicians.

The singer entered the spotlight with the song ‘Bya K Bacheke Abdaale’. It has earned more than one million views. Kaifi’s lyrics not only glorify his melodious prowess. With this, it also shows a glimpse into the wealthy cultural heritage of Baluchistan. His two popular Balochi songs, ‘Kana Yaari’ and ‘Purr Ka’n De Glass, can be heard in numerous restaurants and food openings in Islamabad and Karachi. Kana Yaari is a Coke Studio original. It is a remake of a famous Balochi folk melody. But to reach a wider audience, Kaifi executed it in a modern style.

His iconic track Kahani Suno 2.0 has illustrated itself as a superhit on the YouTube Music Global Charts (YMGC). Not only regional but also worldwide audiences have listened to it. Nowadays, it grabs the attention of 169 million music lovers. Everyone likes his track, and they show their love and excitement in the comment box.

Kaifi Khalil, Image Source: (@kaifikhalilmusic) Instagram

For this achievement, the singer has written a thank-you note for his song on Twitter: “Thank you, Allah Taala. Thank you all so much for your pure love and support. Lots of love and prayers for all my fans. I love you all, my broken homies.” Fans and followers of the singer flooded the comments with their best wishes. They admire him for his endeavours and skills. Some Pakistani singers also admire how impressive his voice is.

Music is one of the rare creatures that eliminates any kind of fringes and boundaries. And Khalil’s enchanting voice has flung a spell on listeners from other regions, including India. The young star also populated India. He made a connection between the two countries. He ruined the border between two countries with his god-gifted voice.


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