I did not risk the safety of any passenger – Kunal Kamra

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Kunal Kamra, a standup comedian who called journalist and Republic TV editor-in-chief Arnab Goswami a coward on IndiGo’s flight, has been banned by 4 airlines including IndiGo and two others are also considering it. On IndiGo’s flight from Mumbai to Delhi, Kunal asks some questions to Arnab and shared a video of it. After this, Indigo banned Kunal. The ministry of aviation said that disruption in travel to others could not be tolerated and that other airlines should also take action like indigo. Indigo has imposed a 6-month ban on Kunal.

Rahul Gandhi said- Banning of Kunal is the work of a coward

Meanwhile, former Congress president Rahul Gandhi came out in support of standup comedian Kunal Kamara. He tweeted, Banning Kunal Kamara through four airlines is the work of a timid man who wants to use his penetration in the government to silence a critic.”  Rahul Gandhi also says, “those channels use their news camera for fake publicity should have their backbone when the camera moves near them”.

I did not risk the safety of any passenger – Kunal 

It is not at all surprising to me that 3 airlines have imposed a temporary ban on my flight due to the use of their right to freedom of speech. The reality is that I didn’t interrupt any matter. Nowhere has it been, when I have not followed the directions of the cabin crew and the captain. The safety of any passengers aboard the aircraft was not entitled. If I have done anything to anyone, it is “to the importance of journalist ‘Arnab Goswami.

He Shared and wrote his decision to be banned on Twitter by Spicejet, “Modi Ji can I walk, or is it banned?” Kunal tweeted by using Hashtag to Vistara and wrote, “oh ban me only man. I will not make any opinion on you. I am planning to go to goa and drive. Takes a break and change the routine.

Kunal asked Arnab; Are you a coward or a journalist?

Kunal Kamra, who is living in Mumbai has been critical of the government and some of the media channels. During the flight of indigo, he asked Arnab, “Are you a coward or a journalist? The audience wants to know if you are a coward today or a patriot? Arnab this is for the national good. I’m part of the gang. You contradict my sayings. You must tell that the country is safe in the hands of Narendra Modi”.

Kunal Shared the video of the event and said, “I did it to my hero Rohith (Vemula)”. He tweeted that even when he was returning from Lucknow to Mumbai he was on a flight with Arnab. Even then he had tried to talk, but Arnab had pushed him away.

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