Shaky Footage No More! DJI RS4 Pro Unveiled: Pro Powerhouse Gimbal for Ultra-Smooth Filming

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DJI, the leader in drone technology, has unveiled its latest flagship gimbal stabilizer, the DJI RS4 Pro. This professional-grade gimbal boasts a significant upgrade in payload capacity, enhanced focusing capabilities, and seamless integration with the DJI Pro ecosystem, making it a game-changer for filmmakers.

DJI RS4 Pro, Built to Handle Heavyweight Champions

The DJI RS4 Pro packs a serious punch with a 20% increase in motor torque compared to its predecessor. This translates to a remarkable 4.5kg (10lb) payload capacity, effortlessly supporting even the most robust mirrorless and cinema camera setups. Whether you’re using a full-frame mirrorless with a heavy prime lens or a compact cinema camera with a large zoom, the DJI RS4 Pro keeps your footage buttery smooth.

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Focus Like Never Before

Accurate focus is paramount for professional videography. The DJI RS4 Pro takes focusing to a whole new level with LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) technology. This innovative system boasts a staggering 76,800 ranging points, allowing for precise subject tracking at distances of up to 20 meters. Whether you’re shooting fast-paced action sequences or capturing nuanced close-ups, the DJI RS4 Pro ensures your focus remains razor-sharp.

A Complete Production Ecosystem

The DJI RS4 Pro integrates seamlessly with the DJI Pro ecosystem, opening up a world of possibilities for filmmakers. It offers native support for the new DJI Focus Pro lens control system, enabling precise control over focus and zoom directly from the gimbal. Additionally, compatibility with DJI Transmission allows for reliable long-range video transmission and monitoring, perfect for complex multi-camera setups.

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Designed for Efficiency

The RS 4 Pro isn’t just powerful; it’s also designed for efficiency. The second-generation native vertical shooting functionality eliminates the need for additional accessories when switching between landscape and portrait modes. The new joystick mode switch allows for effortless control between gimbal movement and lens zoom, streamlining the shooting process.

Unmatched Stamina

Filmmakers can shoot worry-free with the RS 4 Pro’s incredible battery life. The high-capacity battery boasts a runtime of approximately 29 hours, allowing you to capture all-day without interruption. The USB-C port also supports up to 18W of power delivery, keeping your camera and other accessories charged on the go.

The DJI RS 4 Pro is a powerful and versatile gimbal stabilizer that caters to the needs of professional filmmakers. With its impressive payload capacity, innovative focusing features, and seamless integration with the DJI Pro ecosystem, the DJI RS4 Pro is poised to become an essential tool for creating stunning cinematic content.

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