Delhi airport safety in Covid-19

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New Delhi | Nov 3 domestic and international passengers flying from Delhi airport can now get their Covid check done before departure. Its operator Dial gave this information on Tuesday. Covid-19 Testing Facility Center was started at Delhi Airport on 12 September and till now this facility was available only to passengers coming from abroad. As per a statement, the Delhi international airport limited (dial) has set up the covid -19 sample collection booth for passengers taking international or domestic flights against terminal 3 gate number eight, in association with green string diagnostic center private limited. “Passengers pay Rs. 2400 and have to come to the airport about 6 hours before the exact time of their flight.

Covid testing is to be done and get results within four to six hours,” the statement said. The statement says, “sample collection centers can collect 120-130 samples per hour.” We have launched an RT-PCR test facility for domestic/international passengers flying from Delhi airport,” said Videha Kumar Jaipuriyar, CEO of Dial.

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Covid 19 testing
Covid-19 testing at Delhi Airport

These rules have to be followed by passengers during airport: 

  1. All passengers will have to give information about their health either through the Arogya Setu App or by filling a self-declaration.
  1. Passengers will have to undergo web-check-in as check-in counters will not be functional at airports.
  1. Only those passengers who have a web check-in will be allowed entry into the terminal.
  1. They said that only one check-in bag will be allowed to be carried and airline companies will not provide food and services in the aircraft.
  1. Elderly people who also have other health problems, pregnant women, and those going through health-related problems, have been advised not to travel by air.
  1. There will be no catering sales in the aircraft, body temperature check will be mandatory for all passengers.
  1. Passengers must arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before the scheduled flight time and strictly follow social distance rules.
  1. According to the guidelines, boarding of passengers will start 60 minutes before the flight time of the aircraft and the boarding gate will be closed 20 minutes before the departure time.
  1. All passengers must wear masks at the time of entry to the airport and thereafter throughout the journey. Those found infected with Covid-19 will not be allowed to travel.

The government has started relaxing the rules to restore economic activity to bring back the economy affected by the coronavirus, and a few days after that domestic and international passengers are being allowed air travel from Delhi airport.

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