Bill Gates Said, COVID Vaccine Formula Should Not Be Shared With India

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Bill Gates said, should not share the COVID vaccine formula with India — Billionaire philanthropist and Microsoft co-founder, Bill Gates, in a recent interview, shared his thoughts on sharing the vaccine formula with developing countries around the world Expressed, which surprised everyone.

In an interview with Sky News, Bill Gates was asked whether removing intellectual property protections and allowing other vaccine manufacturers around the world to produce such vaccines would help address the current vaccine shortage. He responded with a resounding “no.”

There are only so many vaccine factories in the world, Bill Gates said, people are really concerned about vaccine safety. And doing something that has never been done before, such as moving a vaccine from [Johnson & Johnson’s] factory to a factory in India, is novel, and it is only possible because of our grants and skills.

He said it’s not as simple as just sharing a recipe – the drug needs to be tried and tested and for that, the manufacturing process has to be done with extreme caution, “in this case holding things back  The thing is, “not intellectual property.” It is not that there is some passive vaccine factory with regulatory approval, which magically makes safe vaccines. You know you got to test on these things, and every manufacturing process needs to be watched very carefully.

Bill Gates further stated that he was not surprised to see affluent countries prioritizing the vaccine for themselves, adding that developing countries would have to join hands for the vaccine after being vaccinated by developed nations. The fact is that we are now vaccinating 30-year-olds in the UK and the US and we do not have all 60-year-olds vaccinated in Brazil and South Africa, it is not fair, but everyone should get the vaccine allocation within three or four months. Countries that have a very severe epidemic.

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