“Better days are indeed here,” says Shrayam Bhargava, UP’s leading businessman and politician on talking about Covid vaccine in India

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Shrayam Bhargava

The year 2020 was indeed very tough for people from all parts of the world. It has been a year that many people want to erase from their lives because many of them also lost their loved ones. No one had ever imagined the coming of such a pandemic that could change the dynamics of the world to such an extent.

People last year waited for a proper vaccine to enter the markets so that it could give a sigh of relief to all the patients and everyone. This was made possible by the impeccable leadership of the medical researchers and scientists in our country and the endless support of our politicians who did every bit in making this happen. Kudos to the Ministry of Health and Welfare of India helmed by Harsh Vardhan Ji who has had a great hand in making all of this possible. Today, our country has a vaccine and 2021 couldn’t get better than this news.

What’s interesting is that Shrayam Bhargava, who serves as the ‘Kshetriya Mantri’, from Prayagraj, UP’s BJP, and is a businessman recently congratulated Harsh Vardhan Ji and praised all his efforts in giving India a great vaccine that can actually save people from the pandemic.

“The kind of work the Ministry of Health and Welfare in our country has undertaken, it is something that makes me feel proud each day. Hence, I couldn’t hold my excitement to thank Harsh Vardhan Ji for the relentless hard work he has put in to make this possible,” says the young businessman.

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Both of them even talked about the further development of medical colleges in UP and also about different medical facilities that could do the better for the people of our country.

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