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Have you ever wondered how awesome articles magically appear on your phone, ready for you to read? Those are the superpowers of Google Discover and Top Stories! They use special tricks to find the most interesting stuff for you, kind of like a super-powered news detective.

Google Discover Feed (Google News) 

So, how can you get your amazing articles or website noticed by these super feeds? Don’t worry, it’s not magic, just a few cool tricks!

1. Become a Content Captain!

Imagine being a pirate captain, sailing the seas of knowledge. Your articles are your treasure! Make sure they’re high-quality and interesting, just like a pirate’s hidden map.

  • Write about things kids love to read! Are you an expert on dinosaurs? Maybe you have the coolest recipes ever? Share your knowledge in a fun way!
  • Keep it fresh! Just like new lands on a pirate map, new articles keep things exciting. Write regularly about what’s trending or interesting right now.

2. Catchy Titles are Your Superpower! For Google Discover Feed

Think of your title like a pirate captain’s catchy nickname! It should grab attention and make people want to know more.

  • Keep it short and sweet. Long titles are like heavy treasure chests – hard to carry!
  • Use exciting words! Would you rather open a boring chest or a “Mysterious Treasure Chest”?

3. Be a Trustworthy Teammate!

Would you trust a pirate captain who keeps changing their ship’s name? Google likes websites that are reliable and honest.

  • Write accurate information. Double-check your facts, just like a pirate checks their map twice!
  • Be clear about who you are. Let people know you’re a trustworthy source, like a pirate captain with a good reputation.

Bonus Tip: Amazing Images are Your Secret Weapon!

Imagine a pirate captain with a boring old treasure map. Yawn! Use bright, clear pictures that grab attention, like a map with a big red X!

By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a Google Discover and Top Stories champion! Remember, keep creating high-quality content, use attention-grabbing titles, and be a trustworthy source. With these superpowers, your articles will be sailing the high seas of Google in no time!

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