1.5 kg explosives found at Delhi’s flower market, detonated

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1.5 kg explosives found at Delhi's flower market

Delhi: A sizeable quantity of explosives was found in the flower market of East Delhi. The bomb was found inside a bag left in the middle of the popular market in today’s morning. A controlled explosion was carried out by the police in Ghazipur market also known as flower market which usually draws huge crowds.

The market is located near the border between Delhi and Uttar Pradesh. For carrying out the controlled blast the police dug an eight-foot pit. Visual shows that a blast and smoke rising near the market, but it had been cleared out and cordoned off.

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Delhi Police said that the bomb was planted to result in maximum destruction. Police official said, “1.5 kg of explosive was found. Initial examination shows that the explosive is a nitrate mix. The triggering device could be a clock or a mobile phone.”

The National Security Guard (NSG) was also presented on the spot. They said that the weight of the bomb was around 3 kg. Delhi Police Commissioner Rakesh Asthana told that a crude bomb or the Improvised Explosive Device (IED) was inside the bag which is left by a customer.

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Around 9.30 am a man who left the bag arrived at the marketplace on a scooter, apparently came to buy flowers from a shop. The bag was spotted lying at the spot a while later and the flower seller noticed this. At that moment he presumed something wrong and called the police.

It is known from the official that at around 10.20 am Delhi Fire Department received the phone call. After getting the call officers of the Delhi Police Special Cell immediately arrived there with two fire engines, a bomb disposal squad, and Delhi Disaster Management Authority officials. The police quickly blocked access to the market as the bomb disposal squad tackled the explosive.

The National Security Guard said, “Samples of the IED have been collected; team to submit a report on the chemical component used to assemble the explosive.”

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“A case is being registered in the Delhi Police Special Cell under provisions of the Explosives Act,” a Delhi Police later said. The investigation is being headed by DCP Pramod Kushwaha. The police are now investigating to find out whether the bomb is connected to the elections which will be held in February-March in the neighbour state Uttar Pradesh.

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